Let me sleep peacefully

I decided to sleep peacefully,

But memories never let my sense to steady,

Continuously altering my positions,

Wanted to burst out aloud with trepidation.

Heart continuously craving for desiring,

Mind yelling to focus on blessings,

Memories hold me close until the dawn,

It forces me to leave my dreams to drown.

Grief reached deep into the heart,

Threatening to never depart,

It lay like dirty snow over every other emotion,

Tainting and squeezing my jubilation.

Let me catch my emotions,

Before I drown my life into its exposition,

Let me teach them to fly,

So that I can sleep peacefully.

By- Yati Sinha

Don’t prove yourself

No need to prove yourself,

You need to improve yourself,

The one who knows your personality,

Will never question about your originality,

Work as to shine and beautify,

Don’t be worsen, rectify.

You need to be true in your story,

You need to be real in divinity’s story,

Do what you admire,

Not what others want you to acquire,

You can’t be a hero in everyone’s story,

Let’s be an evildoer in someone’s story.

Burn them with your fortune,

Let them see what they renounce,

Live the spirit with your own rules,

Not the restriction built by your foes,

Love yourself the way you are,

No need to prove what you are.

By- yati sinha

Have you ever smiled to hide something?

Have you ever smiled to hide the misery?

It needs the courage to face the injury,

A smile which has a burden of rupture,

However, when the pain becomes too severe,

Depression sat behind the cover.

Have you ever smiled to hide something?

Whenever smiled, something felt tipping,

Like a little crook over insolence,

Coming from deep inside the essence,

Leaving the mark of grief on the cover.

Have you ever smiled to hide something?

To doesn’t annoy your allies,

To doesn’t let them know your blemishes,

To convince them that you are perfectly fine,

It hurts to even fake a grin.

By- Yati Sinha

Passing Time

Time! Why are you in a hurry,

Slump and have coffee with me,

I have to deal you with wary,

Don’t run so hastily, take a nap with me.

Time! I know you can’t tarry,

But give me a chance to make you satisfy,

Don’t be so angry,

Give me a chance to clarify.

Time! I know you will not listen,

Let me arrest you,

Let me make a few amends,

So that I don’t have any rue.

Time!  don’t run so sprightly,

Let’s cherish every moment,

Don’t be so miserly,

Let’s live in the moment.

By- Yati Sinha

He broke her ❤️

He broke her heart,

Made her sense the most beautiful feeling,

And left her with the darkest suffering,

Her heart is locked with so much desperation,

That can never go for medication.

He broke her heart,

He entered her life with such a force,

And left her to realise it was her negligence,

He left her demolished,

And made her realise that she was not worth it.

He broke her heart,

She knows she was right,

All the time, all the way,

Even though she knows he was guilty,

She was tired of being accused.

He broke her heart,

Love shattered in her mouth,

She swallowed the broken fragments,

They nestled in her throat,

Stabbing her from inside out.

He broke her heart,

She is fighting to overcome,

She learned a lot of sermons,

She learned how to give,

And she learned how to let leave.

By – Yati Sinha

The evening; on my terrace

The evening; on my terrace,

The orange-gold stretches far and wide,

The colour of fire dwellings and tangerines,

The yellow ball of fire bound with the sky,

It was the battle cry to the gathering dark.

The sun was sinking fast now,

The clouds were cotton-candy, as though;

They blushed at the warm touch of the sun,

The sky had turned to a clear, purple-tinged grey,

Silhouettes of birds flew home across the sky.

Finally, the sun disappears along with its shine,

The Biggest star had set,

Giving way to thousands of others,

It was quite soothing and refreshing,

I can solely wait for another evening.

By- Yati Sinha

Hold my hand forever

My heart belongs to you,

It hasn’t remained mine,

Since it became the target of your charm,

Hey, It is a request to you,

Mix the perfume of your closeness in my breath,

Forget about the world in the embrace of my arm.

Life has brought us here,

There must be a reason surely,

Walk with me on the paths,

Hold my hand and walk with me,

Whatever time you’re able to get,

Spend all of that with me.

Let’s decorate the senses of touch on each other’s bodies in such a way,

That they can’t be washed even by the rains,

Let’s leave our marks on these moments in such a way,

That they can’t be erased for ages,

What kind of happiness is this where the eyes are getting drenched?

Hey, do you know about it or not?

What are these emotions?

Are very pure,

What are these moments?

Are very special,

What I have the desire?

To forget the world into your arms.

By- Yati Sinha


The light of dawn seeped in my room,

As if mother nature giving advent from her womb.

I rubbed my bleary eyes,

The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the sky.

The ground is scattered with vivid blooms, Whose petals are dancing in the breeze.

The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in,

And the light breeze greeted me a good day ahead.

My script lies satisfied at the foot of the thin blanket,

And a sip of coffee motivates me for the new outlet.

Ready for those difficulties,

Which will conquer my hostiles.

By- Yati Sinha

The charm of pure love❤

His first glimpse to me made me dumbfound,

Although being stunned I was slumped for,

How his eyes sparkled,

His eyes were like melted chocolate,

Warm and oh so addictive,

Made me fall in love with his stare.

There was something about the way he smiled,

My fear whisked away,

Like a bunch of fruit-flies caught in a heavy gust of wind,

Excitement rushed through my veins,

Seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness,

It was a sign of bliss.

A genuine grin spread across his face, 

This was a person I wanted to know more,

Than I have ever felt before,

This was a guy I can love for eternity,

His voice was deep, with a serious tone,

His lips brushed my ear as he spoke, “I really do love you.”

By- Yati Sinha

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